Help us spread Everlasting Love

Our kids are being inspired to live a life of purpose. We do not view them as orphans. They are our sons and daughters. They are tomorrow’s leaders.

Make a contribution of $2688($224 a month) to 100% fund the annual cost of loving and educating an orphan to live their full God given potential.

A $224 annual contribution(less than $20 a month) combined with 11 others, rescues a child and offers them a Reborn opportunity.

37% of the first $134,400 raised annually supports staff, educators, mentors in the Home,63% of your generous investment covers the cost of food, housing, and medical bills. 100%

Every dollar invested over $134,400 goes directly into building new facilities so that we can expand the number of orphans that we are caring for.

Raising an additional $150,000 will enable us expand our facilities and rescue an additional 50 children. Expanding our facilities will enable us to reduce the annual investment from $2688 a child to $1500 a child. You can make an impact on a child’s life today with a gift of love. Every dollar you give goes to giving a kid a Reborn Experience.

Your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of the U.S. Make a life-giving impact today by donating.