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Every Child Has A Destiny

Help us spread Everlasting Love.  Our kids are being inspired to live a life of purpose.  We do not view them as orphans.  They are our sons and daughters.  They are tomorrow’s leaders.  Our Kids are located in South India.

Mounika7 years old3rd class 
Aparna9 years old4th classView
Pravalik6th class11 years 
Puspha Latha6th class12 years 
Anusha6th class12 years 
Bhuvana Sruthi6th class11 yearsView
Pavani7th class13 years 
Rani7th class12 yearsView
Supriya7th class14 years 
Deepika8th class14 years 
Chandhini9th class14 years 
Anitha9th class15 yearsView
Anu Radha8th class15 years 
Mary Kumari4th class9 years 
Mariyamma1st inter this year,
10th passed
18 years 
Deepika4th class9 years 
Ramya2nd inter18 yearsView
Veeramani1st degree19 yearsView
Durga Venkata Ramana7th class13 years 
Kiran6th class12 years 
Barnabas6th class12 years 
Thomas9th class14 years 
Vijay7th class13 years 
Karteek5th class10 years 
Sandeep8th class13 years 
Rajesh9th class15 years 
Vasu6th class11 years 
Veera Durgayya9th class14 yearsView
Jeevan10th class17 yearsView
Manikanta10th class16 years 
Solomon Raju10th class16 years 
Mohan6th class12 years 
Vamsi Kristna1st inter18 years 
Naresh7th class13 years 
Appanna6th class12 years 
Ganesh7th class13 yearsView
Ajay8th class13 yearsView
Durga Prasad1st inter18 yearsView
Joy lazarus10th class15 yearsView
Yesu Raju6th class13 years 
Vinod Babu8th class14 yearsView
Bhanu4th class9 years 
Sathish2nd class7 years 
Rajesh4th class9 years